Lost American Culture

I think you have heard the saying “the United States is a melting pot” of cultures from all over the world. Years ago immigrants from Europe, Asia, and really, all continents, moved to the United States to look for a better life. Most of them found it. This migration started centuries before many quirky people like to admit. The immigrants who came to the “new land” on ships such as the Mayflower were only a few who came here and started over and raised families who, in turn, moved West to start a new life.
Theodore Roosevelt wrote about these men in his book titled, RANCH LIFE AND THE HUNTING TRAIL. In CHAPTER 2; OUT ON THE RANGE, you can read the part about cowboys; . . .  Mr. Roosevelt lived the life and knew what it took. My forefathers were such people. After nearly a century of living on the eastern coast, they moved from Massachusetts in the 1700’s; first to Connecticut, then Wisconsin, and later to North Dakota. Before the beginning of the 1900’s settlers started ranches and farms in the badlands of Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana. The men were thought of as the stern Cowboy. They did not take part in Irish day parades, or European cultural day bazaars. They held settlers picnics and 4th of July Rodeos. The culture was and is the American Culture. These were Americans. They did not work to send money home to help some Russian road building project, or return to the old country for every wedding or funeral. These were tough families who were not afraid of the work of feeding cattle with a team of horses and a sled in 40 below weather.

BUT, today there is NO American Culture. It is almost “against the law.”

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